A Tribute to the Legendary Gene Wilder: 10 Facts About Gene Wilder You Never Knew

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When you hear Gene Wilder’s name, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?
Of course, it is probably the image of him in a purple suit and tall top hat. His performance as Willy Wonka in 1971 is a beloved classic that was huge at the time, and continues to be shared generation after generation.
Maybe you remember his hijinx alongside Richard Pryor, his hilarious adventures in Young Frankenstein, or sharing the spotlight with the equally funny Gilda Radner.
Besides what we do know about Gene, and the stage and screen images of him that we’ll carry with us in our hearts, here are ten things about him that you probably never knew. Not secrets, so much, but most haven’t looked behind the funny and goofy demeanor to see what lies behind those laughing eyes of his. As you celebrate the life of this legendary comedic actor, check out these little known tidbits to see another side of Gene Wilder.


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