Ranking the Game of Thrones Characters by Leadership Abilities – #1 Might Surprise You

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If you’ve watched Game of Thrones before, then you know that the underlying plot of the show is in the title – every character is battling with each other for more power through any means necessary, and with that power comes leadership.
I mean, let’s get real – unless you want to be the next Mad King, you better have some leadership skills in order to rule the Seven Kingdoms.
Some of the characters on Game of Thrones are relatively well-suited for leadership roles, while others would be a trainwreck waiting to happen if they were to rule this fantasy world.
We’ve gone ahead and ranked the characters by leadership and compiled a list of the top 35 with two spots ending in ties.
This list does not include characters that are already dead. We know, that eliminates a LOT of candidates including Ned Stark, Rob Stark, Catelyn Stark, and the list of dead Starks seems to go on and on…
Here are the top leaders in Game of Thrones, starting with the worst and ending with the best!


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