This guy turned his Jeep into a traveling home and then toured Africa for 2-years


Dan Grec is driving around Africa for two years in a personally modded Jeep and he is sharing his entire journey with his followers.
Grec started by purchasing a 2007 four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and from there his incredible Jeep customization took many twists and turns.
Once he completed his unique and complex construction, Grec began his journey to Africa.
“My build focused on interior living space and strong 4×4, and it had to fit inside a standard 20-foot shipping container,” Grec explained.
The adventurous traveler documents all of his journeys and he made sure to take many snapshots of his first attempt at building a personal home on wheels.

CLICK NEXT to see what Grec’s house on wheels looks like fully finished.

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